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  • new look who dis

    It’s 2019! My God, the last time I posted here was during the Obama years. It’s been a wild ride all around, my friends. Hope you’re happy and healthy and hanging in there. I’ve updated the design for and added new links and content. Have a look around, kick the tires a bit, let…

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  • #WeTrumpHate

    I don’t know your political opinions, but mine are about what you’d expect from an overeducated New York woman. I can imagine you’ve seen a lot of animosity and divisiveness in this strangest of election seasons. Unfortunately, I know I have. That’s why I was really proud and delighted to participate in the below video. There’s…

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  • Still here

    It’s been some time! 2015 was quite a year. I’m still writing, and I’ll be adding more here soon. For anyone who’s in the NYC area, I’m also doing a reading of some recently published fiction at Cake Shop on the Lower East Side, 8 pm tonight (2/15). Here’s the Facebook page for details. More…

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  • Graptolite Tattoo

    At first, it wasn’t thought that they were real. The name graptolite reflects this mistaken belief, translating to “written rock.” Linnaeus gave this name to the curious marks found in ancient shales and limestones. They looked like enigmatic scribblings in pencil, and he dismissed the idea that these scratches were actual fossils. But it turns…

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  • New HuffPost piece up

    Mother’s Day Cards I Could Use As An Estranged Daughter Take care of yourself and those you love tomorrow, lovelies. More writing soon. 💞

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  • NYC reading Monday 3/2/15

    It’s Sunday night, and I’m making chicken broth and nursing a hot toddy while the snow (and/or freezing rain) continues to fall in New York. (Lousy Smarch weather.) Tomorrow, though, I’ll be out at Niagara Bar to read my writing at the Miss Manhattan non-fiction reading series! I’m excited to share some of my work along with…

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  • What would you write about if you weren’t afraid

    Happy New Year, one and all. This isn’t so much a post as an appreciation of the following 2009 interview between Mary Karr and The Paris Review. I’ve been reading (in some cases, re-reading) a great deal of memoir over the past few weeks, to get a better sense of the kind of structure that…

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  • Motherless by Choice at Christmas

    “Perhaps I’m not asking whether estrangement is right or wrong, but instead: how can I truly celebrate togetherness and kinship and love without a mother in my life?” This isn’t an easy time of year to be estranged from someone, even if you’ve made that decision purposefully. I write about the complicated feelings that come…

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  • Intermezzo

    I’ve disappeared again! This will happen from time to time, I assure you. My brain will decide that right now the most important thing to focus on is my work, or job hunting, or dating, or eating well and working out. As such, writing will be shuffled around among all those other pursuits and will…

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  • Key Issues

    Thursday morning, I remembered my glasses, my umbrella, my book for the train (Love Me Back, by Merritt Tierce) – and almost walked out without my keys. Fortunately I caught the door just in time before it locked behind me. An ordinary careless moment, except for some of the anxiety it triggered, which kept pace with me as…

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