I don’t know your political opinions, but mine are about what you’d expect from an overeducated New York woman. I can imagine you’ve seen a lot of animosity and divisiveness in this strangest of election seasons. Unfortunately, I know I have.

That’s why I was really proud and delighted to participate in the below video. There’s a fleeting moment of my face, a few seconds after you see Khizr Khan lifting the Constitution high. You can also pick out my voice here and there in the voiceover – and I’m especially delighted to hear it come through strong on the words, “Not a wall.”

The project came together on short notice through the efforts of an incredibly hardworking creative team. It was an amazing Saturday spent with new friends and old.  I think that sense of community shines through, and I think it’s something our country needs, more than ever.

#WeTrumpHate from Tucker Walsh on Vimeo.

Stay connected, stay respectful and stay informed. And then, vote.


4 responses to “#WeTrumpHate”

  1. Dear Katie

    Trump is a monster. I fear for my retirement, my children, my loved ones of color and my beloved country is he wins this election. There is no other candidate who has a shot at winning this other than Hillary. For all whom I love and and that is dear to me, I’m voting for her.

    Trumps movement smells like 1930’s Germany. I think many of us, Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu’s and anyone different from him is in danger.

    Be proud you’re an over educated woman from New York. I’m an over educated, elitist Democrat from Boston who was taught that if life gives you a large slice of pie, you had better share with those who aren’t as fortunate as you. Give back or expect the karma you deserve Vote and let your voice be heard.

    Regards from sunny South Florida.

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